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The Switch is the best gaming device for your living room.

With its ability to stream high-quality video from Netflix, YouTube and Twitch, and the ability to connect to your favorite TV and add music to your TV using the HDMI output, it is the perfect place to start watching a movie or playing a game.

But it doesn’t just get you into the game: The Switch’s motion-control controllers can be used as stand-ins for controllers on other consoles, like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

This makes for a fantastic way to play a game like Overwatch or Rocket League with a friend, or to use your Switch as an entertainment center for watching TV or streaming Netflix or Twitch.

But, like many gaming systems, the Switch’s controllers are limited to playing video and playing games, so you’ll need to do a little more than that to really get to grips with the system.

That’s where the Nintendo Wii U comes in.

The Nintendo Wii United is a Nintendo-licensed portable system that’s aimed at the same niche as the Nintendo NX and the Wii U, but Nintendo’s own handheld gaming system is a much bigger deal.

The Wii U is available for purchase from a number of retailers in North America, Europe and Asia.

The system is powered by a Tegra X1 CPU, and it supports both Wiimotes and Joy-Con controllers.

Like the Wii, the Wii United comes with a built-in HDMI cable and the Switch, but the Wii is a little bit bigger.

It comes in at a hefty $299 (€299) in North American retail stores, while the system in retail is $199 (€169).

The system also includes a GamePad controller and a microSD card slot, while Nintendo is selling a wireless version of the Switch for $199.

This means you’ll have a full $200 of Nintendo money to spend on a Nintendo Switch console, but you’ll still need a Nintendo Wii remote, and a Wii Remote Plus accessory.

If you’re looking for a cheaper system, the PlayStation Vue is available in retail stores in the United States for $69 (€69), and it has the same Wiimote controller and JoyCon controllers as the Wii but the ability, if you need it, to use the GamePad and Wii Remote.

The PS4 is available at $199 in North and Europe and $299 in Australia and New Zealand, but that system is also a little bigger.

Like its sibling the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, the PS4 comes with an HDMI cable, but like the NES, it has a MicroSD slot for storing other games.

If the Switch is more your thing, you can pick up a Wii U Deluxe at Amazon for $299 and a PS4 Pro for $399.

The PlayStation VR headset is also available for $49, and you can get a Switch dock for $29 at Amazon.

Both the PS3 and the PlayStation 3 Classic Edition are available at Amazon in the US for $60 and $60, respectively, and both systems are priced similarly to the Nintendo 64.

If you want the full package, you’ll be paying $349 for the PS2, but if you want a bundle, you could get a PS3 Deluxe for $429.

Nintendo’s console is still a huge deal in the States, but in the UK and the European Union, it’s becoming a little less of a deal.

As of January, the Nintendo DS Lite is available as a $20 gift from Toys R Us, and Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Collection is $40.

The Wii U Pro is a limited-time, $80 gift that includes the Switch console and Joy Con controllers.

Nintendo is also selling the Wii Mini at $30 and a Joy-con for $35.

The Xbox One and PS4 are both $99.99.

The PS4 and Xbox One Slim are $59.99, and Microsoft is also offering a new version of both consoles for $99, which is an even better deal than the PlayStation Vita.

The Switch system itself is also $299.99 (€279.99) in Japan, where it’s available from retailers like GameStop, GAME and GameStop.

The Xbox One console is $399 in North Carolina, and PlayStation 4 Pro in Australia.

The $299 Nintendo Switch system can be yours for just $349.99 if you’re planning on spending $100 more than the $299 retail price, and if you already own the Nintendo GameCube and Wii console, you should be able to snag a console at any number of stores.

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