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When it comes to cats, it can be a challenge finding something that can meet all your needs and be a fun place to live and relax.

One option for cat lovers is to build their own.

Read more Read more about cat houses here.

Here are some of the cat houses that we think are a good choice:Bricks Cat House, New South Wales, Australia, New Build: Located in New South Australia’s north-west, the house was designed by Australian artist and builder Brian Bennett, and has a total of 30 square metres (about the size of two tennis courts).

The brick-built structure is built to resemble a cat, with a large feline-like tail protruding from the floor. Located just outside of Perth, this small house has been transformed into a cat sanctuary.

It was built by architect, architect and builder Mike Williams, and features an interior with a cat and a cat statue, an animal-themed fireplace and a roof terrace.

Read MoreHere are our favourite cat houses:Bamboo House, Australia: This two-storey home features a cat-themed facade and a garden.

The house was originally built in 2010 as part of the Bamboo House Festival, a non-profit initiative to encourage the adoption of pets and support sustainable living.

Read about it here.

The CatHouse in the Jungle, New Zealand: This cat house, built by artist and architect Paul Kelly, is the brainchild of animal rights activist David Leyonhjelm.

The CatHouse was built as a project to help with deforestation and other environmental concerns in the area.

It has been featured on the Discovery Channel series The Jungle Cat, and is now the main attraction at the Auckland Zoo.

TheCatHouse in Japan: Designed by Japanese artist Yasuhiro Ishida, the CatHouse has been in the works for several years, and was completed in 2017.

It features a large cat statue that is suspended over a balcony, and includes a catwalk that provides a view of the garden.

The cat house is now a permanent part of Japan’s Kōkōkan Zoo, and can be accessed by a series of catwalks.

It is the first cat house to be built in Japan, and it has a history dating back to 1776.

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