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Time’s Jeff Probst, who wrote the original screenplay for the film, has written another book about his favorite movies.

It’s called The Big Lebowski: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Movies, and it’s out September 28.

Jeff’s been in Hollywood for more than a decade, and the book is an adaptation of his screenplay for a comedy starring Bill Murray and Tina Fey.

(His wife, Leah Remini, wrote the book about their son’s birth.)

We sat down with Jeff to talk about the book, how he wrote the film that won Oscars and the future of The Big Sick.

How did you first get involved with the film?

How did the script for The Big Lie come to you?

Jeff: I was a huge fan of the original, I was obsessed with it.

I’d watched all the episodes and I had a really deep appreciation for the characters.

I loved it.

And then my wife Leah saw the script, and she loved it too.

So I started reading it.

When I finally finished reading it, I thought, “Wow, this is really good.

It really makes sense.”

I loved that it was a funny book, it was funny.

But then when it came out, I realized I had to do something with it because it was an adaptation.

When we made it, we did the first draft, which was very short, and then we went back and did more.

And we didn’t have time to really develop the movie.

We did the second draft.

We had a lot of conversations about how the movie would be shot, what the actors would look like, who would play the roles.

And I thought to myself, this movie’s going to be like The Matrix. I didn

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