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Why did the house blue print fail to sell?

After a year of waiting, a group of residents has finally got their hands on the blueprint and a new home for their family.

Key points:The house blueprint was bought by a group from outside of Melbourne in 2015 and then re-purposed to house a woman in her 40s and a couple from a different part of the city.

The blueprints were bought as part of a deal with the Victorian government for a housing benefit package.

The woman was paid $400,000, while the couple were paid $150,000.

The man, who has been living in a different house, was told he could pay $100,000 more.

The group said they felt they were entitled to a house and had received a “good price”.

The house was supposed to be sold in September 2016, but a number of issues delayed the process.

The first issue was the building permit and the Department of Planning refused to issue it.

The Victorian government issued a second permit for the house, but that did not get through, and a third was issued.

The building permit would have allowed the building to go ahead.

The new owner bought the house through a third party.

It was due to be auctioned on October 5, 2017, but the auction was pushed back to October 20.

By then, the group had already bought their own house, and were preparing to move into it.

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