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The house of cards is set to fall on the London’s east end on Sunday night as a bidding war intensifies for the prized property, which will become the world’s tallest and most expensive house of its kind when it opens on Friday.

The house of lies on the banks of the Thames, a block away from the Shard.

It will be the largest house of any kind in the UK and will be one of the most sought-after in Britain.

The home will be built in a £400 million ($570 million) project which is expected to include a number of features including a swimming pool, a gym, sauna and other amenities.

It is estimated that the house of Cards will sell for at least £400,000 ($534,000) at auction.

The property has been listed for sale since September 2013 for an undisclosed price.

It has been on the market for about a month, but was only put on the list after it was put up for auction in late November.

The listing said the property is located in a location where there is “great demand for its unique design, elegance, and contemporary style.

It is located within walking distance to many of the top restaurants, pubs, clubs, and bars in the area.”

The house has attracted attention for its massive price tag, which has prompted critics to question the future of the iconic London landmark.

The listing says it was built in 1864, making it the largest building in the London area.

The building is currently being built on the site of the former World Trade Centre, which was demolished in 2012, in what is now the city’s tallest building.

The London Eye has become the largest commercial building in Europe.

The home will have an “unparalleled scale” and “unrivalled luxury” and will “set a new standard for the luxury home of the future,” the listing said.

A bid has been placed for the property.

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