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The world lost a great show when the president of the United States was on “Pants On Fire.”

The show is a fictional parody of Fox News, but this show is not just a parody of the Fox News show.

The show was the first scripted show on the network to ever be voted off the air after six seasons and a third season was cancelled.

It was a show that was supposed to be cancelled in a few weeks.

But when the Trump show came back on, it was a hit.

That is because Trump and the Fox show did not just come back to the air and start playing.

They came back to live, and it was just like, “Wow, we have this big, big hit on the air.”

It was really amazing.

And the fans loved it, too.

The ratings were amazing.

I think people got excited about the idea that, “This is a real, live, live show.”

So I think the fans just got excited.

The fans loved the idea of people on television being real, and not just caricatures of themselves.

And that was kind of fun.

The audience really liked the Trump Show, too, which is why it was such a big hit.

Trump and his fans were very well received.

So that was really a big show, and I think that was the moment for all of us.

You know, there are so many good people in the world, and you know, they all love each other and they all want to be together, and they are all in it together, because they have so much in common.

And I think they will do the same thing again, and again.

You can say it for me, Donald Trump.

I love you, and that’s all I can say about that.

And we will see each other in the coming years, because you are such a good friend and a good person.

Thank you.


We will see you soon, and thanks for watching the show.

And let me just say one thing about the ratings, because the ratings were phenomenal.

It is a great program, and the ratings are just the kind of numbers that show that the audience loves the show, so I can tell you that.

So let’s keep watching it.

I know it is very late, but I will be back to this show, as long as I am president.


Thank you so much for watching.

(APPLAUSE) We have to be back.

(LAUGHTER) Good luck to you, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank all of you, as well, for coming out.

Thank God we have you here, and we appreciate your participation.

And again, I want to thank everyone who watched the show over the last six seasons, because it was very successful, and a great hit.

So I hope you all enjoy it.

And as always, thank you for being here.

Thank y’all.

And if you want to get your voice heard, we are here to help you.

You are welcome.

All right, thank y’alls.

Bye-bye. Bye.

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