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The House of Cannons Rules Committee has scheduled a hearing for Thursday at 10am EST on the 2018 Cider House Rules Bill.

This hearing will include testimony from the new Commissioner of Ciders and the Chair of the House Rules Committee, along with questions about the 2018 bill.

The bill was recently introduced and passed the House in a special session.

If passed, the bill will provide that CiderHouse will continue to provide the same standard of quality and value that it has for over 30 years.

“We are extremely excited about the prospect of bringing the House Cider Rules Bill to the floor for a final vote,” said Brian Wysocki, Co-Chair of the Ciderhouse Rules Committee.

“This is a bill that has the support of many of the stakeholders we represent.

As Cider house continues to evolve and evolve, we need to keep our membership informed and engaged in order to ensure that the members who care about cider and Cider are empowered to make their voices heard.” 

The 2018 bill will also provide for the establishment of a Committee on Cider, Cider-Based Entertainment and the Ciders Association of the United States, as well as a new Council of Cineplexes.

The Council will consist of representatives from cider makers and the cider industry, as the new Cider Industry Council will also be created. 

CiderHouse members can sign up for an email reminder to be notified of the hearing. 

This is the first time Cider will have a full-time Commissioner.

Previously, the CLC had been a non-partisan position. 

“The CLC will be able to focus on important issues for cider and cider makers while maintaining a strong focus on quality and innovation in the cider business,” said Wysocksi. 

The new CLC and Council will be responsible for developing and maintaining the cider and cider-based entertainment business. 

According to the bill, the new cider and beverage industry council will have the authority to oversee the activities of the various industry entities and develop the rules and regulations that govern the business of cider and the industry. 

There will be a two-year phase-in period for the new cider and cider-based industry council. 

During the two- and three-year phases, the cider, cider- and cider industry council shall have the power to develop and enforce the rules, regulations and standards governing the cider or cider business.

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