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Posted November 12, 2019 16:00:24 Last year, I visited the new Monster House.

I had never heard of it before.

It was a house that was being built in the town of Oodgeroo in Northern Queensland, and it was a huge, massive house.

The design was inspired by the famous castle in Wales, and there was a giant stone wall that looked like a giant cross.

It was a really exciting thing to see, and I’ve been trying to learn more about it ever since.

It’s a new project from Minecraft creator Markus Persson, who’s also an Australian entrepreneur.

The Monster House is being built as part of the Mojang’s Minecraft Realms, a platform that allows players to create, share and build their own games and worlds.

It’s not quite Minecraft yet, but it’s similar to Minecraft.

You create an environment, and you start out with a small number of houses, and eventually expand.

The Monster house will be the first house that I’ve ever built.

When I visited, it was just a small space with lots of rooms.

But then, I saw the Minecraft Realms site, and realised that I could start a Minecraft Realms world.

The Minecraft Realms website What makes the Monster house unique?

It is a completely open world, with all kinds of houses.

It doesn’t have any central server, it’s just players being able to go wherever they want, and build anything that they want.

There are plenty of different kinds of Minecraft worlds, and the Monster House’s the first Minecraft house to be built on top of Minecraft.

It’s like Minecraft meets Minecraft meets the Minecraft world.

When will it be finished?

It will be finished by the end of 2019.

And that’s when it will be available to everyone.

I’ve seen people playing it for two years already, and they’re still using it.

It can be played for about 12 hours, and people can build any kind of building they want to.

The idea is that it’s a sandbox, where people can create whatever they want in the Minecraft realm.

What’s next?

I’m looking forward to playing the Monster home in my bedroom and exploring it.

What’s going on with the Monster family?

The Monster family is one of the largest Minecraft families.

They’re really important to Markus Persons Minecraft Realms project, as they control access to the world, which is important to make sure that the game works.

So you have the Minecraft family, and then you have Monster family.

The other big Minecraft family is the family of Mojang.

The Minecraft family owns Mojang, and all the other Minecraft families have their own Minecraft Realms.

So, the Monster is an important Minecraft family.

And I think the Minecraft community is really excited about this.

What other games have you played on the Monster?

Minecraft has been around for a long time.

It is one the most popular games in the world.

Minecraft Realms is a place where players can share their creations with other players.

It has all kinds and all kinds.

There are a lot of different Minecraft worlds.

The main thing about Minecraft is that the player has to create a world, but also to share their creation.

There’s a lot more to Minecraft than just that, and Minecraft has a lot to offer in terms of multiplayer gaming.

The new Minecraft game is called Minecraft: Story Mode.

It takes place in a fictional world called Oodageroo, where the inhabitants of the town have been living for a while.

It features a lot that’s new, like a very open sandbox environment, a lot with multiple levels.

So we have a whole new Minecraft world, we have the Monster, we’re also seeing new features in the Monster.

The story mode has a whole lot to do with the fact that you have to build a monster house.

There are lots of things that the Monster has to do, like create a water source and a house.

And it’s really difficult to build in the sandbox.

So the Monster really needs a lot.

You need a lot, and this is something that is really challenging to do.

You can build a lot in the game, but when you build it, it takes a lot and a lot is not the same as building in the real world.

So what’s going to be done about it?

Well, it seems like the Monster will be able to do all sorts of things in the new game.

But they will not be able do things that you can’t do in Minecraft.

The only thing you can do is build a wall, and a castle, and some other stuff.

And that’s really important, because you need a castle and a water supply, and that’s going out of the Monster’s control.

The whole thing about the Monster being able, is that they can go anywhere in the worlds.

So if you’re not doing that, then they

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