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It is a house that has two stories.

It may be built on one or both sides of the house, or it may be a two story house built in the middle of the street. 

2 story houses are popular because they allow for more flexibility in design and layout, and they allow people to make the most of their property’s natural surroundings, while still keeping a certain level of privacy. 

If you want to know more about 2 story houses, check out this video by TheRealBlueHouse. 

How to Build a 2 Story House in 3 Parts In this video, we will walk you through the process of building a 2 floor 2 story home in three parts.

You will start with a basic floor plan, then we will cover the details of building the house using wood and plaster.

Then we will look at how to make sure everything works correctly in the construction process. 

For this tutorial, we are going to start with an initial idea of what we will be building, which will be a 1st floor 2 bedroom house. 

In the next video, you will be able to build a 2nd floor 2nd bedroom house, which is a 1.5 floor 2 bed house.

You can follow along with this tutorial if you wish, but you can also skip to step 6 if you are a beginner. 


Building the Home from Scratch Now that we have an initial plan, we need to decide what kind of materials to use.

You may have noticed that I have chosen a very simple 2 story structure to start this tutorial with. 

It is a simple structure, but it does have some unique features that we need in our home. 

The first thing we need is a base for the house.

The base will help hold the structure in place, and also be the basis for the floor plan and the house itself. 

We will start by building the base out of wood. 

When you start out with a simple 2-story house, you may decide to go with a more traditional wood base. 

But that is not the only way to build your first 2 story construction project. 

You can also build your 2nd and 3rd floor homes using more conventional materials. 

As I mentioned in my previous tutorial, the 2nd story construction method can be done in either wood or plaster. 

There are two different types of wood used for a 2- story house.

These are: Wood that is made of a combination of natural timber and the wood that is treated with chemicals to add structural integrity. 

Paint is made from polyurethane foam. 

Once you have decided on the type of materials you are going for, you need to find a local home builder that has a home building certification. 

After choosing your materials, you are ready to start building the home.

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