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President Donald Trump has tweeted that his family’s home in Washington, DC, will be a “white house” and has thanked the US Capitol Police for keeping his family safe.

Trump tweeted: “My house will be called White House.

I love you all very much.””

My family is not going to need to leave the house for the next 3 years.

I know the Capitol Police are great, very professional,” he said in a post to his Twitter account.

“I am very proud to be in the White House,” Trump added.

The US Capitol police have been working around the clock to ensure that Trump and his family have a safe place to reside during his stay in Washington.

Trump has long been critical of the US government and the US justice system, but this weekend was different, he said.

“This is going be an awesome week, this is going on the internet, the news is fake, fake news, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to destroy our president,” Trump said in his statement.

The president has been a frequent critic of the Obama administration’s treatment of him and his aides.

He also repeatedly criticised his predecessor Barack Obama, saying the US leader was not in the Oval Office on the night of the November 8 election and that he should have been more cautious.

He has also criticised the president-elect and his team for being too close to Russian officials, calling him “Putin’s puppet” and saying he would be in trouble if he were to meet with Russia.

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