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It’s a mansion, not a Lego set.

It’s also not an office.

But Lego’s new house, built for $4.5 billion, is actually one of the largest homes ever built.

The house is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lego says it built the house with 100% recycled materials, but you can buy it on eBay or elsewhere.

“The house was designed to be a home,” Lego spokesman Tom Cates said in a statement.

“It is an example of a building system that incorporates the greatest elements of modern design.”

It’s designed to replicate some of the features of the houses from the original movie The Lego Movie, including the “lobster dome” on the top floor, which houses Lego’s Lego bricks, and the “brick and mortar” building.

The Lego house was originally built to house a movie set, but it has since been used as a home for the Lego Movie franchise.

The home is also home to Lego’s most famous characters, from the titular hero, to his robot girlfriend, and even a pet.

Here are some highlights of the house.

The House, Designed for 100% Recycled Materials

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