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Animal house drawing Sway house drawing Animal house, a four-story home designed by the renowned Dutch architect Jan Verlinden, is now on sale.

The house is located in the village of Zwolle in the Netherlands, where the Verlinnen family grew up.

The Verlins bought the home in 1986 for just over $3 million.

The home has been on the market since April, when the house was listed on the Dutch real estate website Voorhoek.

The listing features the house’s original roof, a large fireplace, and a large open-plan living room.

The verandah is filled with flowers and a sculpture of a deer, which was commissioned by the Verls.

A house drawing was used to create the interior design, and the Verlins created a mural on the wall.

“We love the house and the house drawing, and we always wanted to live there,” the Verlis said in a statement.

“It’s a place we can really enjoy the whole year around.”

The house drew inspiration from Verlijn’s childhood in the countryside, according to the listing.

“The house is a symbol of childhood and the forest,” Verlinda said.

“In the house there are many old trees, and in the garden, you can see some of the old paths that Verlincks children used to walk.”

The Verlis have been featured in several books and magazines, including a book on Verlenden’s childhood home, and he also designed a children’s playhouse in Zwollle.

“My daughter loves it and we love it, so it’s good to see,” Verlon said.

The sale includes the Verloins’ house and three other Verlintons’ properties in the Zwolsle area.

The family also owns the Dutch-owned home in the city of Zaventem, and they plan to turn it into a museum.

The new home will also be a permanent home for the Verles’ six grandchildren.

The Zwolek house was designed in collaboration with the architect.

The houses design is called Verlinken, which means “the spirit of the forest.”

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