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Minecraft Party is getting an update to its website, as the developers announced on Tuesday that they are now working on a white house app.

The game has long been an official part of the White House as it is part of an official Minecraft app, but the developers were only able to include the White house in the official version because of the game’s commercial status.

The new version of the app will feature a more focused interface and will feature more tools to help the developer bring the game to more platforms, including tablets and phones.

“This will be the first time we’re bringing Minecraft Party to tablets, but we’re also planning to bring the app to phones,” said Mojang CEO Adam Orth.

“That’s a big thing we wanted to do and it’s going to be really easy for us to bring that to Android.”

Minecraft Party will continue to feature the same free, casual gameplay as it does on the iPad and Google Play Store.

Mojang is also releasing a “new game mode” for the game called “Skeleton Party.”

This new game mode allows players to build skeletons and then build houses with the same gameplay, but instead of building a house and moving around, they’re able to build the house themselves and play a limited amount of games and other activities.

“We’re also going to start releasing an in-app store where you can buy the full game for $5 and get all of the stuff you want,” Orth said.

The White House has been a popular platform for the Minecraft community.

The Minecraft team said that it has seen a strong interest in the game from other countries as well.

“With over 3.5 million players worldwide, the Minecraft White House is an integral part of our global culture and we’re very excited to be able to provide a Minecraft Party experience for the White Congress,” Orth continued.

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