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BILL MOORE: We are in a war against women.

That is why I have been working to make sure that our next president understands the war on women, the war against us, not just the wars against us but the war to end all wars.

There is no war on men.

I am the first woman president of the United States, and I have fought for women’s rights for many years.

There has never been a time in our history where a president was not fighting for women.

I want to thank all of you.

This is a great moment in our nation’s history.

This woman has done more for women than any other American president, and that is something that I think is not lost on anybody.

There are women who have gone before her, and they have done much better than me, and this is a chance for all of us to take a stand together.

But we can never go back to a time when women weren’t respected or believed.

Now that we are at a time where women have more power and more responsibility, we are going to have to be ready to fight the war.

So I want us to stand with each other, and let’s stand for the rights of women.

And I will continue to fight for women when I’m president.

(APPLAUSE) MADDOW: And what will the next president do?

BILL MUIR: The next president will have to decide what’s best for our country.

And this country is going to need to rebuild, and it will need to be rebuilt.

And so we’re going to see a president with a different set of priorities, but there are a lot of similarities.

They are going after the oil and gas industry.

They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and we need to have a conversation about what kind of country we want to live in.

So let’s build a new economy.

Let’s build roads, bridges, airports, railways.

Let me tell you something.

The last time we had a president that was willing to work with Democrats, we had the auto bailout, the first time a president had a Democrat in the White House, a president who actually got a deal.

The Democrats had to vote for a deal that would have saved their jobs and their jobs were shipped overseas.

That was a deal we needed to be able to do something about.

The next time we have a president of our own that is willing to get to work on behalf of women, we have the opportunity to make that happen.

We have to make it happen now.

We can’t wait for the next generation of leaders.

We’ve got to be working together.

MADDow: So you are going on record in saying you are a feminist.

How do you feel about the way some of the left is handling you?

BUSH: It is my view that we should always treat women the same as men.

And you know, the American woman is going through a period right now.

She is in the middle of a baby boom, she is in a period of prosperity.

But there is an issue that needs to be addressed, and the question is, what is it?

The question is what is our relationship to women?

And I believe that when women are treated equally, when we have equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity, equal health care, equal education, equal rights for women, that we will have the confidence to do things that we have never done before.

Maddow: And if the next woman president, does that mean she has a right to speak about your legacy, her life?

BASH: Yes, absolutely.

And that is what I have worked for for a long time.

MADOW: I’m going to ask you this: Are you going to be the first president in the country to say that the war in Iraq was not worth the cost of the war?

BAH: No, no, no.

I believe it was.

But I don’t believe it.

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