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If you want to save on your rent, it may seem like a no-brainer to buy cleaning supplies and use them on your home.

However, that’s not always the best way to go about it.

In fact, you can actually end up wasting money if you don’t take the time to thoroughly clean your home and maintain your property.1.

Check Your Home CleanlinessFirst, make sure your home is in good condition.

This means that the floor, walls, and ceilings are in good repair and there are no obvious damage that could cause your home to become uninhabitable.2.

Check to see if your property is covered with garbage or loose materials.3.

Check for leaks and cracks in the walls, ceilings, and floor.4.

Check your roof for damage and if you have a water leak.5.

Check the outside of your home for leaks, damage, and mold.6.

Make sure your garage door, window, and any other exterior doors are closed and sealed.7.

Make a thorough inspection of the exterior of your house and garage to make sure the home and garage are in compliance with building codes.8.

Check if your house has electrical problems and make sure there are adequate safety measures in place.9.

Check that all appliances, plumbing fixtures, and other household items are working properly.10.

Check all of your tools and fixtures for signs of use, especially if they are used in your house or apartment.11.

Check any plumbing, electrical, and plumbing products and appliances that are not in use for repairs and maintenance purposes.12.

Check and make certain all of the plumbing and electrical connections are in working order.13.

Check every part of your garage and basement to make certain it is in compliance and has a safe way to open.14.

Check a roof for cracks and leaks, and if the roof is cracked or leaks, make an inspection.15.

Check outside of the garage to see what’s up with the weather.

Make an inspection of any leaks and any damage to your garage floor, wall, or ceilings.16.

Check windows and doors for cracks, damage to the roof, and cracks or damage to other parts of the home.17.

Check inside your home, garage, or apartment for signs that could indicate mold or other issues.18.

Check exterior of the house and any exterior fixtures for any signs of mold or damage.19.

Check electrical and plumbing appliances and equipment for signs or signs of malfunction.20.

Check air conditioners for signs and signs of smoke or fire damage.21.

Check locks for any damage and check any wiring for signs.22.

Check other household equipment for any sign of problems.23.

Check appliances for signs, signs, or signs that indicate they are defective or are not working properly or are leaking.24.

Check items for leaks or other signs of abuse, neglect, or neglect.25.

Check water meters to make an estimate of the amount of water you need to use to keep the house in good shape.26.

Check sprinkler heads and faucets to make the amount you need.27.

Check drywall for signs indicating cracks or any damage.28.

Check carpets, floors, and walls for signs showing wear or any signs indicating problems with the construction.29.

Check doors, windows, and doors that have mold, damage or any other signs indicating a problem with the materials.30.

Check mirrors and windows for signs if they have mold or any sign that indicates damage to them.31.

Check vents, chimneys, and electrical wiring for leaks.32.

Check sinks and toilets for signs from an unknown source.33.

Check garbage cans for signs for any mold or signs indicating the need for a trash pick-up.34.

Check furniture for signs including signs of damage or signs showing signs of neglect.35.

Check clothes for signs to indicate that a garment is not being washed properly or is not properly maintained.36.

Check plumbing fixtures for the appearance of problems and signs from a source that doesn’t belong there.37.

Check trash can lining for signs the trash can isn’t being properly cleaned or is leaking.38.

Check pets for signs in a cage or house.39.

Check outdoor trash cans for any evidence of damage to it or signs it’s leaking.40.

Check window blinds for signs such as signs of paint or signs from other sources.41.

Check skylights for signs where the blinds are open and the window is open.42.

Check fire alarms for signs as a result of a fire or a malfunction that is not caused by the owner.43.

Check electric or gas meters to ensure you are paying for the full cost of the service you have provided.44.

Check door locks to make a check of all of their functions, including whether they are functioning properly or malfunctioning.45.

Check carpet to make checks to ensure they are in a good condition and that they are properly installed.

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