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When you think of the hill house in the Sydney suburb of Cliff House, you might think of a rustic home built from the ground up.

But in fact, the house is a work of art and was designed in 1930s England by a real estate developer named Charles Lamb.

The house has an original wood staircase, an original wooden front porch and an original stone fireplace.

It was built in the 1930s by Charles Lamb and his wife Margaret, who had built a home on a hill in the hillside town of Cliff.

It was also the first house built by the Lamb family in Australia, and the couple have lived in it ever since.

The house is still in great shape.

It’s been remodelled by a group of local artists, and was recently featured on The ABC’s The Countdown.

“The house was built for them because of the size of the property and the cost of living in Sydney at the time,” said one of the artists, Tom Renton.

There’s no longer any maintenance on the house.

And, in fact it is the only house on the property with an original Victorian clock.

So how did this old house come to be in the hands of an Australian couple?

The Lamb family were both born in 1857 in the city of Liverpool.

They were members of the same family, and were part of the Victorian aristocracy.

During World War II, the Lambs lived in a boarding house on Sydney’s southern shore, and Margaret Lamb worked for the local police station.

In 1940, Charles Lamb moved back to Australia from England, and he and his family were settled in Cliff House.

By 1951, Margaret Lamb had passed away.

A few years later, in 1955, the family moved to Sydney’s north.

Charles Lamb and Margaret were both very much a part of local culture.

Margaret Lamb’s children also lived in the house, and when the Lamb kids moved to a new home in the 1960s, they started working there as well.

Over the years, the couple bought and renovated many of the items in the home.

Today, the Hill House is an amazing, authentic Victorian work of Art, with an authentic Victorian clock and original Victorian furniture.

Now, thanks to the work of artist Tom Runton, the home has gone on to become a beautiful and beautiful place to live.

He said it was a great experience for him and his friends.

“We were able to see it and walk through the house and go to the back door, and see all the beautiful things that have been added to the house over the years,” Mr Renton said.

“[The house] has been transformed by artists, designers and builders over the past 50 years.

To know that it is in such good condition is really important.”

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