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The word “house” is a generic term, and it can be used to describe almost anything from a barn to a house to a train station.

But in India, the word “mansion” means different things to different people.

The term “mauvery” comes from a word used to refer to a riverbed that flows out from the Indian state of Karnataka.

In some parts of the country, this is called a “mohallu”.

In some parts, it can also mean a house that has been constructed on a mohall, a river or riverbed.

The term “Indian villa” also has a similar meaning.

In a country where the population of 1.8 billion people is expected to rise to more than 9 billion by 2050, that means there will be an increase in the number of homes that are abandoned.

The number of abandoned homes in India is around 10 million, according to the country’s housing ministry.

“In Karnataka, there are around 10,000 properties that have been abandoned,” said Arjun Kumar, an urban planner based in Hyderabad.

“In the rest of India, it’s not that much.

The problem is that the government is not paying attention.”

Kumar has been working in the region for five years.

His latest project involves the relocation of about 50,000 people, mostly farmers, from a farming community in south Karnataka to an empty rural home in the northern state of Madhya Pradesh.

In many parts of India in which the government does not have enough land for people to build their own homes, they build what are called ‘villas’.

In the past few years, more and more people in the country have been moving from rural to urban areas.

The majority of the people in these areas are either farmers, or those who work in agricultural jobs.

“People are moving from the villages to the cities because of the urbanization, the lack of infrastructure, and the lack a proper plan for development,” said Kumar.

People living in rural areas are often not connected to their land.

And the rural areas tend to have higher unemployment rates, said Kumar, adding that this can have a negative impact on the rural economy.

In order to build a house, an average family needs around Rs 6,000, he said.

This is around double what people in urban areas can afford to pay.

“The problem is, the government doesn’t have the resources to fund this,” Kumar said.

“If they do not build the infrastructure, the houses will fall apart.”

Kavita Sharma, an advocate and founder of the Centre for Social Justice in New Delhi, believes that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

“We have seen over and over again that when we give people more resources, they are better off,” said Sharma.

“There is a real sense of frustration among the rural poor in India.

They feel that the situation is deteriorating and that there is no alternative.”

The state government has not made any policy recommendations for addressing this problem, Sharma added.

She said that she is optimistic that the Indian government will take a more proactive role in addressing the problems in rural India.

“But it is not just a rural problem, and we need a government policy on the urban side,” she said.

She added that it is time for India to take a step back and take a holistic approach to addressing the problem.

“It is time that the state and central governments take more responsibility in the area of development and the economy of rural India,” Sharma said.

In rural India, where the government has been largely silent on the issue, people have begun to speak out.

A farmer from the town of Thiruvannamalai, who requested not to be identified, said that after she was evicted from her farm in 2014, the authorities did not even send her a copy of her eviction notice.

She told me that she was so worried that her life would be ruined that she took a job as a housemaid in a nearby village.

In 2016, the Indian Rural Development Authority (IRDA) launched a pilot project in the state of Bihar to help the rural population move out of their homes.

The scheme is aimed at helping about 200 families with a population of between 10,0000 and 15,000 move from rural areas to urban locations.

“One of the biggest problems with rural areas is that people have not been able to afford to build an adequate infrastructure to be able to buy houses,” said Amit Gupta, deputy director of the IRDA.

“We have been trying to address this problem in rural districts by providing subsidies to those who want to build houses, but the state government is keeping them out of the programme.”

As of June 2018, India’s rural population was about one-third that of urban areas, according the United Nations Population Fund.

The IRDA pilot project has not been fully implemented.

But a local government official in Bihar

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