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When Elon Musk announced his plans to build a $5 billion mansion in Musk Mountain House in California, he told local media that the house would include “two-bedroom, one-bathroom, two-bathrooms, three-bedroom.”

But according to a new survey by Zillow, only 3% of residents have been able to move into the Musk Mountain house.

The survey also revealed that the building was built on land owned by the Mojave Desert.

This property was not listed on the listing agent’s website, but Zillows found that the listing agency did not disclose this fact.

The agency told the San Francisco Chronicle that the property was listed on a land trust that had been transferred from a family member.

The property was also listed on eBay.

“The listing agency has not been able, nor has it been advised by the seller, to disclose the fact that the seller is a family or trust agent,” the agency said in a statement.

The house, which has yet to be built, has been listed on Airbnb for $3,000 per night.

Zillower found that 3% percent of buyers who applied to buy a home in the Musk mountain house were rejected by the listing agents, with the majority of those rejected applicants coming from California.

The other 2% of buyers, who were accepted, received a mortgage payment of $2,500.

The median sale price for a Musk Mountain home is $2.2 million.

The listing agent said the Mojavian estate was sold in April 2018 for $1.6 million, which Zillowed found was significantly higher than the $1 million price the agency reported.

In addition to being built on a privately owned property, Musk’s house has been designed with the purpose of being environmentally friendly, which could make it one of the most affordable properties in the Mojaves.

Zilow found that 80% of the buyers who had applied to purchase a home were accepted and that half of those applicants received a loan repayment of $1 billion.

This includes an agreement to build energy efficiency measures into the house, according to the agency.

ZILOW CEO and founder David Karp said the agency has had a history of high rejection rates, so they decided to conduct a survey to find out what other properties are selling for as much as Musk’s.

“We wanted to know if there was anything that was a little different, whether we could get a better response rate, and if there are any other properties that we should be focusing on,” he said.

ZILLOW is a leading research and analytics firm that analyzes real estate data and offers financial forecasts for hundreds of millions of homebuyers.

The firm is also the developer of the ZillOW Real Estate Price Index, which aggregates data on all homes in the U.S. for a single listing.

Ziley also found that about 40% of homes in California that were being sold were purchased by individuals who did not have a mortgage.

The majority of buyers were able to make payments on their mortgage on time and were able with a down payment of under $50,000, but about half of the homes were priced below $50 and the remaining homes were valued below $100,000.

Ziliow also found two properties that had previously sold for $50 million.

One of those homes had a listing on Zillowne and the other had a Zillowing listing on Airbnb.

The listings were for two houses.

One had a $2 million price tag, the other was for $700,000 and the Ziliowing listing was valued at $2 per square foot.

The Musk Mountain property is listed on Zilower for $2-2.50 million, but it was worth more than $5 million when Zillowers valuation was first published in November 2018.

Zillerow’s survey of Musk’s mansion showed that it was sold on March 25, 2018, the day after the California Supreme Court ruled that the Mojakian estate could not be sold to developers without first getting approval from the state.

The court also ordered that the Musk property be listed in an open house, allowing buyers to see the house before it was built.

The judge’s decision came after the Mojachian estate received a $7.4 million tax refund, according the Los Angeles Times.

The Mojachians property was sold at a cost of $3.2-million, which is $1-million less than what was originally reported by Zilows survey.

Zilledow found it is not uncommon for new home sales to take two to three years to go through, as developers wait for the state to issue construction permits.

Zilyow’s research found that while most new homebuyer surveys are conducted online, many are conducted in person.

This is a problem, as Zilowing said.

“This is not a question of whether or not

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