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In many ways, it’s a dream come true.

In a small rural area near the small town of Ashland, Oregon, you can build your very own house of any size.

It’s not exactly a home that anyone would want to live in, but it does have a big secret.

It has a loud speaker system.

And it’s called the Harry Potter House.

It was built by Harry Potter fans in Ashland and has been on display for more than 20 years.

“It’s an actual house, and we have all the pieces,” says James Henson, the owner.

“We had all of the pieces in there when we built it.

We had all the doors and windows and everything.

It took us about five years to build it, and it’s now a real thing.”

The Harry Potter house is just one of a growing number of homes that have been built with the sound system in mind.

Some have had the sound systems built in as part of the house itself.

And now, as the technology matures, people are looking for ways to create their own loud houses.

For a while, it was a dream for some people.

In 2005, it looked like the home they would live in was a very loud one.

It had a built-in speakers system and speakers in every room, with a large sound bar inside the house.

The owners had all sorts of ideas.

How about a large room with a big speaker in every corner?

How about having speakers in a lot of rooms?

And how about having a small room where there was a speaker in the middle and a few speakers on either side?

But eventually, the owners decided to go with a small home with no speakers in the home.

The Harry Potters were also fans of Harry Potter movies, so the Harry Pottery house is set up the same way.

The speakers are placed in every single room, and there are also a few other rooms that have their own speakers.

“They’re pretty big,” Henson says.

“It’s just a big room with speakers on the side.

We wanted it to be a really small house.”

The big room is the room with the speakers.

They’re placed in that room.

The big room has two speakers.

The house has a small sound bar in the corner of the room.

The small room has a speaker that sits in the back of the small room.

It also has a few small speakers on each side of the speaker bar.

The house is big enough that a lot more speakers can be put in there, so there’s a lot going on in the big room.

Henson and his family had a lot to learn.

“We really thought about what kind of house we were going to build,” he says.

They knew that it would have to be quiet and quiet and loud, and they wanted it loud.

So the owners built a house that was not only very loud, but also very quiet, with speakers everywhere.

They also knew that there were a lot different kinds of speakers in there.

“There are speakers that are kind of like big speakers, and then there are speakers for speakers in different places in the house,” Hinson says.

“You’re also going to see speakers on walls, and speakers on stairs, and even on tables.

And there’s speakers that can be placed anywhere in the room.”

And so, it took about five more years of planning and building before the Harry potter house finally opened to the public.

Henson says it took him about six months to build.

He says it was difficult to get everything right, because he had to take a lot longer to build than other houses in Ashfield.

Hensons house has been up for more then a year.

He and his wife have moved back to Ashland after spending time in Portland and Seattle, so they have two young children.

But they have also learned a lot from the experience.

“A lot of people have built their own houses, and a lot have not,” he said.

“I really appreciate people taking the time to actually look at it, see how it works, and to try to put their own twist on it.

I’ve built several of these, and I’m just proud of what I did.”

Henson has built some very unique houses, but he said the HarryPotters house has taken him back to the beginning of a very special time in his life.

“I got to see my house grow and evolve over time,” he explained.

“For the first time in my life, I can actually go back and see the house that I have built and see how everything works.

And I got to feel the love and the excitement and the love for my kids.”

The home is located in the Ashland community, about 30 minutes from Portland.

There is a drive-through, so you can park your car at the entrance.

Horsley Potters was also born in Ashburn

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