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With a small amount of money and a few basic skills, you can build a cozy bamboo house in a week or less.1.

Choose a theme for your home: I usually pick a simple theme to get started.

Here’s my theme:Bamboo is a hardy tree that can survive drought and the elements.2.

Choose your materials: Here’s the first step: Buy materials that you can use to make the bamboo house.

I usually go for the cheapest stuff, which is usually bamboo wood, bamboo boards, or bamboo sticks.3.

Create your structure: You’ll want a solid, sturdy base for the bamboo to rest on.

If you’re making it from scratch, you’ll want something sturdy.

Here are some things I like to use: Bamboo nails or bamboo glue I like the glue because it gives me a strong bond when I put it on the base.

If it breaks, I can fix it quickly and easily.

You can also use plastic pipe.4.

Start building: Once you have your base, you have a few options: Start building.

I build everything with glue, using cardboard blocks as my base.5.

Make the bamboo: I typically use glue to create the bamboo and then use it to build my walls.

I don’t do the actual bamboo work, but I like it because I can keep a tight schedule for the construction.6.

Get the materials: You can use any kind of wood, but be sure to select bamboo sticks or bamboo boards.

If I have a large space, I use bamboo rods and screws.

If you have the space, you may want to go for wood-framed bamboo or bamboo floors.

You may also want to buy bamboo floors, bamboo mats, or the bamboo flooring you can find in a hardware store.7.

Prepare for the weather: I like putting up a bamboo floor and a bamboo mat on the roof to keep it warm and dry while I build the house.8.

Build the house: I tend to build everything from the ground up.

Here, I put up a big bamboo roof that I use for all the bamboo that I’m building.

The bamboo roof adds lots of volume, so I use a lot of bamboo for that.

You might want to add a curtain to keep the heat out and to create a cool spot for the sun to shine through.

I like to keep a small fire going when I’m working on the house, but that’s not always possible.

I also like to build some bamboo storage areas, which are covered with bamboo straw and filled with water.

I usually make a few wooden boards for the house to use for the base, but you could also use bamboo wood or bamboo wood sticks, which will last longer and are more sturdy.

You could also build an outdoor patio for the whole house or build a wall for the walls to hang from.

I think it’s important to know that it takes a lot more than just bamboo to build an amazing house like this.

For me, it took about 20 years to build this house.

If your budget is low, it may be a lot easier to build your own house.

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