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Donald Trump will likely be re-elected President in 2020 and he could take over the reins of the nation’s infrastructure and housing programs.

The Republican will be reaping the rewards of a historic housing bubble and a record-breaking housing market fueled by the recent expansion of the housing market.

As we previously reported, Donald Trump has already spent over $200 billion on housing projects during his presidency and a new report by Housing Connects states that Trump could make good on his promise to build “a trillion dollars worth of housing.”

The housing bubble is one of the biggest contributing factors to the nations economic decline.

The housing boom of the 1990s and 2000s had the nation living at the top of the world, but it was largely fueled by reckless speculation in real estate.

As more homes were sold in anticipation of the financial crash, the value of the stock market collapsed and many Americans lost their homes.

The collapse of the economy has forced the country to face massive cuts in government services and taxes.

A new report released by the Economic Policy Institute states that the housing bubble, which began to collapse around 2009, is responsible for the countrys current economic woes.

The report estimates that the $2.5 trillion in housing market debt will balloon to $3.6 trillion in 2020.

The government is facing the daunting task of servicing this massive debt, as well as providing enough affordable housing to ensure that all Americans can get a chance at a stable future.

The Housing Connect report states that if the government fails to maintain housing as it should, “housing will eventually collapse in our country.”

It adds that the collapse of housing is the result of “the actions of politicians, regulators, and financial institutions that have allowed the housing industry to go crazy and overspend.”

The report goes on to say that in the meantime, the country needs a “reform of the government to ensure the safety and soundness of our housing markets, which has led to unprecedented levels of speculation, excessive lending, and a lack of accountability for banks that provide housing.”

A recent report by the Federal Reserve stated that the economic recovery is only possible because of the “strong financial and housing market fundamentals.”

This includes the housing sector, the housing recovery, and the government’s ability to keep the financial system solvent.

The Federal Reserve said that housing and the economy are in the midst of a “fundamental transformation” that will ultimately result in a “transformational transformation in the economy.”

In an interview with the Financial Times, John Taylor, the chief economist of the Institute for Housing Studies, said that if Trump were to be reelected in 2020, “the economy is not going to recover as quickly as it could have if we had a strong recovery.

It’s not going as quickly or as well or as rapidly as we could have.”

He added, “This would not be a disaster.

It would be a recovery, but I would not see that in 2020.”

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