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The house that inspired the TV series Barbie, built by American designer Paul Barrie, has become a landmark in the UK.

The house, which was originally built by an American firm in the 1950s, is now owned by Barrie’s daughter and granddaughter.

“It’s such an amazing house, it’s such a unique house,” Barrie told The Sunday Times.

The Barrie Dream House in South Wales. “

I can’t imagine doing something like this any other way.”

The Barrie Dream House in South Wales.

Photo: Barrie family website The Barriem Dream House was also built by Barriere and was built for his son, Mark.

“You could say that Mark has been building for over 30 years,” Mark Barrie said.

“He started off in his dad’s workshop and then he started his own workshop.

It was just really a very, very special and extraordinary project.”

The house is surrounded by woods and a huge garden.

Photo by Barry family The Barries live in an old house that Barrie inherited from his father.

The Barricades home has been renovated to a barber shop and now includes an air conditioning unit, as well as a swimming pool, gym, tennis court and tennis equipment.

The new owners have taken the original building into their own.

The family say they have been very pleased with the changes and the way it’s being used.

“We were very fortunate to have this space because of the Barrie dream,” said Barrie.

It’s an opportunity to show what you can do when you have the right people around you.” “

The dream house is a great example of what the Barrieries dream is about.

It’s an opportunity to show what you can do when you have the right people around you.”

The first Barrie house in Wales was built in 1967 and has since been used as a training room and home for the Barriers family.

It has also been used for various events and educational workshops, and the Barris have even held barbecues at the property.

Photo courtesy Barrie Family website

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