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House wrenting in Queensland’s north-west is a good thing, but it may come at a price.

The feral cat is currently not allowed to be brought into the state, despite the fact the population has grown by 40 per cent in the past decade.

The cat is known to cause disease and damage to native vegetation, which is the reason why it has been banned from the north-east of the state.

The council of B.C. has been in talks with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to see if the wren can be moved to a site in the north west of the region, where it can live in the wild for the time being.

It would be an improvement on the current situation where the wrent is only allowed to come into the region if the species has reached a population level of 20,000 birds, or one per hectare.

However, it could take several years to find the right site.

“We are looking at the potential for moving the wreath from the south west of Queensland to a location within the region where we have some evidence of populations in the range of 20 000 birds,” B.D. Farrar said.

There are currently no native wren species in Queensland, but the feral cat has been introduced to the area.

The wren’s population has been estimated at between 1,000 and 2,000, with one female being released to Australia in 2011.

It is also known to attack rabbits and sheep.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection says it is still waiting for the new research.

B.C.’s Department of Fish and Wildlife says the feral cats can cause diseases and damage native vegetation.

They are known to eat rabbits and other small mammals, but are also known for attacking deer and elk.

Queensland’s Environment Minister Simon Birmingham says he has no regrets about the decision.

He said: “There is a lot of science to back this up.”

It is important to note that, while there is a long history of the feral feline in Queensland and it has only been reintroduced there in recent years, the cats have been brought into B.A.C., not the region.

According to the Department, it is important for the wreaths to be placed where they can be seen and heard by the public.

Birmingham said he does not believe the feral wren is an invasive species and believes the feral population has fallen from the previous level of 10,000.

In his report, he said the wree would be able to live for at least two years.

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