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Home for two people and their dog is being converted into a refuge.

A three-bedroom home is being fitted out in Bloxburg, South Yorkshire, by a family from Glasgow, and it has been designed by architects John and Amanda Leeson.

It has been named after the Glasgow area where the Leesons live.

The house was originally built in 1904 and is being used for a four-person family.

The family say the home has been left untouched by the flooding in the UK and will be renovated once the storm has passed.

“We had a few people saying that the flood had killed them in the flood so we wanted to make sure that this house is really something that is completely intact,” Mr Leeson said.

He said the house will be built with a traditional brick foundation and will have its own shower and kitchen.

The family is staying in the property while they are waiting for the storm to pass, which could take several weeks.

Mr Leeson says the family will stay in Blixburg until the storm passes.

They plan to live in a tent, so they will be able to move about in the bush as much as they want.

John and Amanda, who have two sons, have been in the country since November and plan to spend the summer in Glasgow.

Their eldest son, Alex, said he wanted to stay in the Leeson home.

“We were in the water, we lost a dog, we’ve got two dogs, we’re very well prepared for what’s to come,” he said.

“It’s a lovely place, it’s got a beautiful garden, it has a lot of history and a lot going on in that area.”

“It is definitely the perfect place to stay for a little while.

We’ll be living in the house for the next few weeks, hopefully we’ll be able the next couple of weeks to get to see some new places and maybe see a bit of the country.”

The Leeson’s house is located on the River Leeson in Blochland in Glasgowshire, and is home to four people and three dogs.

The Leeson family are the owners of the Bloxburgh property and the property is owned by the Scottish Government.

Bloxburgh has been hit by heavy rain in the past few weeks and the flooding has forced the closure of parts of the city.

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