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A haunted house horror movie trailer has gone viral after it was released online.

The trailer has been viewed more than 200,000 times since it was uploaded to the YouTube channel of the online entertainment site Vimeo.

The movie is based on a book by Stephen King and stars Kristen Wiig as the titular housewife.

The book is titled The Shining, and is about a young man who is sent into the darkness to find his missing sister, Pennywise, who was killed in the hotel fire of ’85.

In the movie, Penny is seen holding a knife to a man’s throat and says, “Don’t touch me.”

The trailer shows Penny stabbing a man and cutting the man’s arm.

After a few minutes, Penny escapes, and then goes back to the kitchen, where she stabs a woman in the head with a knife.

The woman cries out in horror, saying, “What is that?!” and then Penny takes a swing at the woman, hitting her in the chest and causing her to fall.

After the woman screams and falls, Penny goes to the front door and asks the woman to come in.

She enters the room and sees the woman holding the knife and says to her, “Why are you holding the bloody knife to me?”

She then stabs her in her right hand.

“What happened to your sister?”

Penny asks the girl, who says, “”I didn’t kill her, but she was my sister.””

And who was she?

“Penny asked.

The girl says, “(You were) the one that took my sister from me.”

Penny then cuts the woman’s head off and asks, “Who is that?”

The girl replies, “The monster that’s been killing me.””

Are you saying the monster is your sister, or your murderer?

“But she’s my mother,” she said. “

You’re lying,” Penny said, before turning back to her daughter.

“But she’s my mother,” she said.

She then says, “‘Mommy, I love you, Daddy.’

You’re just not telling me the truth.”

The trailer also shows a scene from the movie where Penny comes home from work and finds her daughter on the living room couch, with her hands wrapped around her throat and her head in the pillow.

The daughter says, ‘Mommy?

I’m okay, Daddy.

I’m not dead.’

The scene ends with Penny saying, ‘This is how you know you’re not the monster I think I am. “

I think she killed me,” Penny says.

The scene ends with Penny saying, ‘This is how you know you’re not the monster I think I am.

You’re not really a monster, are you?’

“The trailer ends with a scene where Penny finds Penny, who is still alive.

Penny tells her, “‘I’m a monster.

I killed my mommy.

I’ll kill my dad tomorrow.

And I’ll take the knife from you, too.’

” The trailer continues with the scene where she confronts Penny, asking her, “”How do you know I’m a bad mommy?

You’re still your mommy.””

That’s when you start to understand why we love horror movies, because there’s nothing more terrifying than being stuck in your own head,” the movie’s writer, David Mamet, told BuzzFeed News.

“We’re never going to be safe from the scary thing that happens to us every day, but we never want to be in a house where we don’t know we’re safe, because we’ll always know that we’re not.”

A source close to the production confirmed that the trailer was based on the book, but declined to provide additional details.

The video has garnered over 200,500 views and over 2.4 million views since it came out on May 18.

The production team said that they were not involved in the production of the film, and the trailer is being viewed by fans as an attempt to raise awareness for the book.

“The book is very good, and we think it’s really important for the industry to be able to explore and talk about the things that frighten people and how scary they are,” the source said.

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