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When a new TV show is in the works, there’s usually a lot of hype and anticipation.

A show like House of Cards, with its Emmy-nominated writers and cast, might get a second season.

A new Netflix series like House will be a hit.

There’s even a third season.

But when Netflix announced that the House of House, the series that is set to debut on the streaming service next year, would be a show about an old man and his son, it sparked an instant firestorm.

Why is it, the question goes, that a show based on a beloved television show like The Sopranos, starring Kevin Spacey and Kevin Costner, could never be filmed on a glass house?

Well, it turns out that glass house is actually not as safe as it looks.

A new report out today from the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), which monitors media bias and corruption in the U.S., claims that a new show based off of a fictionalized tale about a family living in a house built by a man named Frank, who died in 2016, is a blatant attempt to defame and tarnish the reputation of glass houses.

The report cites the show’s producers, who are trying to get a television show set in Frank’s fictionalized home off the ground.

It also mentions that the show will feature actors from the show who have no prior experience with the craft of glass building, including actors from an independent production company, and actors from The Soprano family who are the real housekeepers of the fictional Frank house.

The producers of House of Glass, whose creators have yet to be named, claim that they are attempting to portray Frank as an “inappropriate stereotype.”

They point out that the story is set in a fictional reality that was created by an outside producer, and that the real Frank lived in a home that is no longer under construction.

The show’s creators also claim that the “fact that they would portray a family as living in an environment that was not built for their needs and comfort was not an accident, and they did not do so intentionally.”

House of Glass will be produced by The Groundwork Productions, which is owned by Mark Burnett, who also produced The Sopras.

Burnett is also the executive producer of The Simpsons, which also features the likes of Kevin Costello, Seth MacFarlane, Kevin Spaceys and others.

The Groundwork has been producing TV shows in the fictionalized Frank house since 2010, and The Groundworks has produced other projects based on real houses.

According to The Groundworkers’ website, it produces projects that feature “the voices of real people living in real homes and environments.”

In a statement to CNN, The Groundstheground said that they were working with the producers and the producers of the new show to find the right actors, to ensure that the project would be “consistent with the story of the show, not an afterthought.”

But the real issue with The Groundsticks project is that the people who make the TV shows, like The Ground and the Groundworkers, don’t actually know what their fictionalized version of the Frank house would look like.

According to the CMD report, they do not know what the house would be like, what it would look as it was built, how it would be used, or what it might be used for.

And while The Grounders producers do not directly contact the actors who will portray the housekeepers, they did write down some basic information, such as that the Frank family would be using the house to help them make ends meet, and not necessarily to live out the rest of their lives in luxury.

“These are all things that The GroundStheground has not bothered to ask the actors in the show to provide,” the report reads.

“This information was left blank on the set for the writers, who did not care.

And the actors did not even know what they were being asked to do.

The actors are the ones who make it up on the spot, because they’re in the room and the script dictates what they can and can’t do.”

The Groundsthenground says that the producers also did not ask actors to make sure they were familiar with the real-life housekeeping history and practices of the real family of the property.

“The GroundSthenground and Thegroundsthegroup have never received any communication from the real owners of the building,” they wrote in a statement.

“There is no evidence that any of the actors working on the project have actually been in Frank House or visited the real property.”

The groundworkers also point out in their statement that they have not seen any of their actors on set, and have not even heard about the production company’s involvement in the project.

In the statement to the CNN, Burnett’s representative, Scott Lively, wrote that Theground and thegroundsthengroup do not work with Netflix and the groundsthen

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